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A really small little brag

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I was in my website's dashboard this morning to work on a new page I'm adding, and I took a peak at the analytics for the top searches people are doing to find my site.

And the top one was "when will pas de death be released"! (That's the third book in my series, that will be out in about a month from now.)

I hope readers are spotting my sign-up form for my mailing list when they search for the answer to that question.  ;D
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That's a very nice indicator indeed  :D

(And points that you've had the name of your book out there well ahead of time. I'm getting 'dollhouse book 3' type of queries - a name for the next book is eluding me!)
Great news for you both.  How nice to know that your next book is being anticipated.  :)

Anya, a few suggestions that may or may not make sense to your story.

Dancing Dolls
Talking Dolls
Playing with Dolls
Ah, fantastic indeed! I remembered something similar happening to a little review site I had ages ago, and it warmed the cockles of my heart that I was like, the number three google reference for a fairly specific, and semi-important thing. Obviously, yours is better, but it's way cool to know that people are becoming interested! Congrats!
Nice to see so clear a demand for it!  :)
Hee hee!  I like it.
Anticipation is the sincerest form of flattery.
YAY! That must have made you feel good :)
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