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So I'm one of those people who is passionate about using what the earth has given us to solve a lot of home and personal issues.  I don't think chemicals and man-made solutions are the key, and, from my experience, the most simple and cheap products (usually organic) are always the most effective.  I'm talking about warts, bug infestations, eczema, sun burns and a whole long list of problems most people would go out to buy chemicals for.  Is there anyone else who shares this belief?  I'm writing a series (Kindle Singles) sharing my knowledge and research on this topic.  I hope to help those out there who are having difficulties but don't know how to effectively solve them. 
I just published my first one and it is focused on common problems of the summer months as the season is just arriving.  My next Single will cover issues of the skin.

Does anyone find this interesting? Or am I preaching to the choir?
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