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A Shadow Falls
Song of the elves: Book One
David Charles Shepherd

A magical coin...
A tournament for the King's Blades...
A creature from the darkest nightmare...

For half-elf Kirik, this summer will bring more than just his transition from boy to man. Friendships will be tested; new alliances will be forged; lives will be lost as a shadow falls over Farsee Forest.

The hopes and dreams of Nemar, Kirik and Eidur become inextricably entwined during a stifling summer when the prince brings his tournament for a place in the King's Blades to Farsee Forest. Half-elf Kirik dreams of being a famous warrior, slaying serpents and taking on pirates along the Bridal Sea like the famous prince. Prince Nemar dreams of establishing a meritocracy to challenge his father's ailing system of patronage. Kirik's father, Councillor Eidur just dreams of growing old on his estate, watching Kirik take over the reigns of the family business.

Yet darkness lurks in the shadows, and an ancient enemy has been allowed to penetrate to the heart of elven society. Eidur knows - he has skirmished with Darklings amidst the ruins of Majora. A magical coin, taunts of the outsider elves and a creature from the darkest nightmare are portents of the end of life as they know it, as a shadow falls over the Summerlands.

So begins the Song of the Elves, an epic saga telling the fortunes of the Eidursons as they battle to save the Summerlands from an ancient curse.

Available now from:
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Find out more about David Shepherd:
Song of the Elves
Author Central

This is the first book in the "Song of the Elves" series from up and coming author David Shepherd. We'd love to know what you think of it, any praise, feedback or criticism is welcomed. The second book "The King's Blades" is also available on Kindle, with third expected around Christmas 2011.

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Welcome to KindleBoards and congratulations on your book! (Beautiful book thread, by the way!)

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Hi Betsy,

Thanks for the welcome, and I appreciate the compliment on the thread. Seeing how many of these you must've seen, it's high praise indeed!

I've done my due diligence and read all the rules and regs, so I know how to keep on your good side :)

I'll be posting a thread for the second book up soon, along with the required info to get in the author thread.

Thanks for the wonderful resource, both as a reader and as someone helping out a budding writer!

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