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I'm currently working on a novella called Frank's Jack
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Greetings one & all. I've spent the last six weeks working on a challenging project. Still being unable to do my regular job due to Covid restrictions here in Ireland, I thought I would take the opportunity to write a story I've been thinking about for quite a while.
The full title of my newest novella is The Great Gant A Sordid Novella. This is the tale of Oliver Gant, a privileged member of the British upper class living the life of luxury. But he is not a happy man. Mr Gant is driven by greed, jealousy and a longing for recognition. His wealth and connections allow him to pursue an interest (bordering on obsession) in the world of politics. He is a man of ambition. He has big plans and an even bigger ego. Will he be able to realize his visions and live out his power fantasies?
This work is a darkly humourous political and social drama set against the backdrop of a crumbling and decaying United Kingdom in the 2040's. It has themes and content which are not suitable for children.
Hope you enjoy this little tale folks. It is available as both a Kindle and a paperback.
I'm very thankful to the small number of people who have read some of my writings recently and given me some feedback. I appreciate you folks very much.
Best wishes everyone.
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