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A tale of two promos and an accidental experiment (UPDATED)

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I've set up (with the help of a wonderful PA) advertisements for a free copy of The Wizard and the Wood, to begin June 12. lots of little places, but we weren't picked up by any of the big ones like ENT or BookBub.

I'd also applied for, but forgotten because I always get turned down, a book bub ad for Dragons and Dreams for May 28-june 1. then, woops! that got accepted.

so I can conduct an experiment to compare the effectiveness of one big ad v. lots of smaller ones. Stay tuned for results!
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I thought my bookbub for Dragons and Dreams was yesterday - oops, it's today. The only advertising I did yesterday was to tweet about it (thank you Rayne Hall for your book on using twitter!), put a brief note in my FB page, and sent out a note about it on my mailing list. I have a very small twitter set of followers, and a small mailing list.

Imagine my surprise this morning to find my book was at:

    #14 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children's eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Bedtime & Dreaming
    #16 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Children's eBooks > Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths

It'll be interesting to see where it goes once the book bub advertisement goes live, and how long it will keep being fairly high in the rankings. No carryover to my other books yet - we'll see what happens there.

ETA: noon, Friday - over 3500 downloads of Dragons and Dreams - I'm impressed. I really hope there's a long tail on this, but I've never gotten so many free downloads before.
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