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Just a reminder for those who always forget (like me): April 1 begins the A-to-Z-Blogging Challenge:

This is a great way to boost traffic to your sites and maybe score some extra sales. And while Q, X, and Z days might seem hard, there's always a way to do it.

For my book series, I've expanded my series bible each year, adding people, places and things to an already long list.

To get any of you started, here's a handy chart with the day/day of week and letter to get you started. Remember, this is Monday through Saturday postings, with Sunday off.

S/1 A

M/3 B
T/4 C
W/5 D
T/6 E
F/7 F
S/8 G

M/10 H
T/11 I
W/12 J
T/13 K
F/14 L
S/15 M

M/17 N
T/18 O
W/19 P
T/20 Q
F/21 R
S/22 S

M/24 T
T/25 U
W/26 V
T/27 W
F/28 X
S/29 Y

M/30 Z

And don't forget to Tweet, Facebook, etc you're participating.

I'll be participating on two blogs this year:, my author blog, where I'll be doing a snarky Secrets of Self Publishing theme, and for the aforementioned series bible expansion.

If you are participating, please comment below--I'd like to read some other Kboarder authors' blogs.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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