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A very proud day. I'm the best selling self published author of 2012 in the UK.

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WOW!!!! Congratulations!!!

Really, "congratulations" seems inadequate. What a fantastic achievement.  :)
Congratulations, Nick!!!  Very cool news!!!
Congratulations does seem a little inadequate, so how about:

Well done!  :)
Congrats, Nick!

That's bloody jolly awesome, old chap! By Jove!

(Sorry, I've forgotten my English lingo: is that right?)


(Or, as the ghost said to Hamlet: Remember me. :) )
Dead chuffed for you  ;D
Way to go!

I see one of your books up for pre-order.  Did you get a trad-contract too or is that something you've always had before self-pubbing?
Wow...that is incredible Nick!!!  But I am comin at ya!!  Sold 5 whole copies in the UK already this month hehe.
Congratulations, Nick!  This is a very happy day!  Enjoy it!  ;D
15%!!! Amazing! Congrats.
Huge congrats!  Did you have any idea you were at the top?  Love from Both Sides was hilarious, btw.  Here's to your continued success!
Congratulations, Nick! That's great news!
Congrats!  That is quite impressive!

Nick - Congratulations!!!! You're #1! You're #1! You're #1! Bloody well done.
1 - 20 of 33 Posts
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