An epic journey with heroic deeds and magical adventures... Tom Fallwell's lush fantasy will have you glued to the pages as you follow Baric and Whisper, two mismatched characters on an unusual quest.

A Whisper In The Shadows: Rangers of Laerean, by Tom Fallwell
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230 pages, with a 4.8-star rating from 5 reviews

"I absolutely loved this book. Baric and Whisper embark on a mission together, neither knowing much about the other. Baric is a warrior of the famed Rangers of Laerean and Whisper is an emissary from the Vaar'da people. She approaches the Rangers asking for help in a rescue and Baric is chosen to assist her, but he soon discovers her intent is quite different. Despite this, he decides to continue and as their journey progresses, their respect for each other grows. He is a man of principle, one who dedicates himself to good, and Whisper is a magician and a skilled fighter. These attributes serve them well as their adventure unfolds. An excellent read and very well written." -- Amazon reviewer
"a fun, fast-moving adventure story in the epic style" - Lynne Murray
"a treat for any fantasy gamers, or lovers of fantasy literature" - N Laeser

Baric is one of the famous Rangers of Laerean, a group dedicated to protecting the people of the Lands of Hir. Assigned to a task with a beautiful and exotic Vaar'da assassin called Whisper, Baric promises to help her solve the mystery of her recurring nightmares that are eating away at her soul and filling her heart with fear and despair. The quest becomes more complicated when those nightmares lead them to an artifact of ublelievable power that threatens the entire world they live in.

The quest soon becomes a dangerous mission for the renowned Rangers as a small group undertake a mission into an area of Hir that men do not travel, where monsters roam and thrive. They must delve deep into the bowels of an active volcano, Mount Scorch, to stop the impending disaster that looms before them. Into the very heart of the territory ruled by the demonic Manenase.

The fate of their world depends upon the courage and skills of the group of Rangers and their Vaar'da companion. Can they survive the quest and stop the impending devastation? They must solve the mystery of ... A Whisper In The Shadows.

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Meet the Author

Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in 1951, Tom Fallwell spent much of his career as a software developer and programmer. Now retired from that field, he has taken up writing, which he had always loved to do, but did not have the time to indulge himself in. Now he is writing the stories he had always wanted to write.

Still living in Oklahoma, Tom is active in church, running the sound system and sometimes teaching adult Sunday School. He has always had a love of fantasy and science fiction, both in reading and in movies. His love of story telling came as a result of playing table top role playing games with friends, in which he created adventures for the other players to experience.

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