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I'm getting ready to do another .99 countdown promo and would love some feedback regarding your experience with the following list of paid sites that I haven't used yet. I write dystopian apocalyptic sci-fi. Real uplifting stuff.

EBook Soda
Bargain Booksy
Good Kindles
Book Sends
Book Barbarian

I've already used these sites and have had great results:
Fussy Librarian
Awesome Gang
Ereader News

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Ebook Soda and Good Kindle did not work for me.

Bargain Booksy did decently.

The others in your first list I haven't heard of. I hope you let me know if they worked!
I must be the anomaly, Fussy Librarian got me like twenty downloads.
Bargain Booksy has done fairly well for me. Usually 4-5 times the sales of Bknights as an example.
For 99 cent sales bestebookreaderlovers, TheMidlist, ReadCheaply, and have all done very well for me.

YodaRead said:
I must be the anomaly, Fussy Librarian got me like twenty downloads.
Don't feel alone. Fussy did well for me, but AwesomeGang didn't do much.
YodaRead said:
I must be the anomaly, Fussy Librarian got me like twenty downloads.
I lost money on Fussy Librarian with a $.99 book. (erotic romance)
Bargain Booksy was worth it though.
SimonePond said:
Thanks for the feedback!

Anyone else have thoughts on:

Good Kindles
Book Sends
I'm doing my first OHFB on a pen name book in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know then.
Hi, Simone.

I used freebooksy (owned by bargainbooksy) for my free Fifty Shades of Tinsel, Vol. #1/Heartthrob title & was real happy with the results. Yes, the $100.00 price tag was
worth it & would use them again.
Hope this helps.
My last BookSends (used to be called BookBlast) was a $60 promo for a 99c thriller (wasn't in Select so no Countdown), sold 120 copies.  ::)
Booksends did well for me this week, with 47 sales on a 99c countdown (that's a good result for me, the best this week so far is 51 and my best ever - ENT - was 80 sales). I write epic fantasy/romance.
YodaRead said:
I must be the anomaly, Fussy Librarian got me like twenty downloads.
I had a similar experience. Fussy Librarian is great!

Good luck, Simone. My promo is April 21st, so I'm watching yours carefully =)
Booksends did well for my first (and only) promo. They sent me an email, letting me know how many sold. I liked that I knew how many sales came from them, because some sales carried over to the next day. I wouldn't have known they were from them otherwise. Good luck with lining everything up!
I've been trying to get my own list going about the *best* promo sites, and I thought there was a thread on this topic somewhere. Anyone know where?

I've had some success with the big bear, BookBub,  :) plus BargainBooksy, FreeBooksy, ENT and KB&T

Also I received a solicitation from a promo service (they're popping up like flies) called TheBooksMachine. Can anyone comment on this one?  :-\
Just did a Booksends ad on the 18th for permafree Manic Monday. Only ad I ran that day with no other promotion (FB or Twitter). 613 downloads. Only problem: no sell-through (8 other titles connected to that one), and 1 two-star review. I might use them for discount books, but at least my experience has been that their list grabs the free one and that's it. To be fair, I ran with them last year in April, so diminishing returns could be in effect.

Oh, and the title is action/adventure or thriller/espionage.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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