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Advice wanted--for a science fiction writing friend

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I know nothing about writing science fiction. But I have a friend who's reached out to me for help on what to do next with a book he's worked on for two or three years. Here's his note to me:

I finally have a decent draft of a sci-fi story. But I have hit the point where I need to do something with it or just stop. I have read the story so many times; I now can read without seeing exactly what is on the pages, making it difficult to find those last problems that need attention. Can you recommend an editor or how would you proceed from here?

I did try to find and join a writer's group as you recommended but no luck here--maybe too small a town.

Can anyone give me some advice on good science fiction editors, worthwhile on line critique groups, or anything else that might be helpful to him?

Thanks so much :)
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For critiques, I recommend Critters ( and Baen's Bar ( Both are free.

For editors (Not free!), I recommend Harry DeWulf and Joshua Essoe.
Sounds like your friend has burned out with it. He should stop or put it away for a while.

Here's a good online workshop for SFF:

The first month is free so you can try it out. Then it's $49 a year. You can also pay for 6 months or month by month. People post a chapter and exchange critiques with other writers. The site has a good reputation and is a great way to get feedback for little cost.
Thanks so very much, KaryE and HAGrant.

Your advice will give him a place to start. I did not even know some of these sites existed.

I have already passed the recs along.
1. Get him to sign up here? So much info and great helpful people.

2. You can find editors, beta readers, and more here and other places.

3. Is he spending money on editor, beta readers, proofreaders, and a cover? If he has a budget, we can give a little more advice on where to find someone good. If he has no budget, we can give entirely different advice on where to find someone at least. :)
Meetup dot com can help him find a local writer's group. The site will tell him how far away the groups around are so he can choose one close enough.

David and Arshness, thanks so much!

Yes, I definitely will tell him about the WC. But I warned him to be prepared for TMI. He's published a business book, spent years in high-level marketing, but I warned him it probably won't mean squat when it comes to wading through the deep waters of publishing genre fiction.  :-\  (Although the business brain might help...)

This is the best place!
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