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My previous discussion thread apparently no longer exists, so this is my updated repost.

Congratulations on finishing your book! Whether it's your first novel or your twentieth, few achievements rival the satisfaction of completing a manuscript you've labored over for months or maybe even years. But if that manuscript is riddled with errors, many readers - agents, publishers, or your audience - will simply stop reading it. Don't let your hard work go to waste. Give your book the best possible chance of success by hiring a professional editor.

That editor is me, Crystal. I'll comb carefully through your text, correcting errors and identifying opportunities to improve flow, clarity, and consistency. The result will be a flawless book that reflects all your dedication and hard work. Together, we can turn your labor of love into a work of art that you're proud to share with the world.

I have a BA in English Writing Studies from the University of South Florida, and a Certificate of Editing from Poynter U/ACES. I am a current and active member of the American Copy Editor's Society, Editorial Freelancer's Association, and International Association of Professional Writers and Editors. I've been a full-time freelance writer for over four years, and an editor since January 2017 and in that time I have edited .

Because I strive to make professional editing affordable for all authors, my rates begin at $.006 per word for proofreading, and up from there depending on the level of editing you require.

I welcome all genres, but specialize in fantasy, sci-fi and suspense.

See if I might be the right editor for you by emailing me at [email protected] for a free 1500-word sample edit and a quote.

Check out my 5 star reviews at

Parial list of books I've worked on can be found here:
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