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Afghan War Account. Men of Honour, by Patrick Mercer. FREE 27-1 May

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Two soldiers. One war. And no victors.

Major Gary Pearson has only a few more weeks left to serve before he brings to a close a career in the British Army that has been long and violent. So many young lives have been lost that he is now just looking towards the finishing line - and desperate to get all his men across it alive.

Captain Richard Shaw sees the battle differently. To him, success in the field means glory, and glory means promotion.

If men get hurt along the way, that's soldiering.

In this brilliant, provocative novel Pearson and Shaw clash brutally in the dusty, blood-soaked killing fields of Afghanistan. This is a campaign that will be fought to the death - and in which the sanity of the men is more likely to be a casualty than the enemy.

In the tradition of 'Journey's End' and 'Tunes of Glory', 'Men of Honour' is a searingly honest, graphic account of the front-line realities of modern warfare.

Written with the insider knowledge of a former soldier turned politician, 'Men of Honour' is destined to become the classic novel of Britain's 21st-century Afghan campaign.

Patrick Mercer is author of the Anthony Morgan Trilogy, 'To Do and Die', 'Dust and Steel' and 'Red Runs the Helmand,' as well as a number of straight histories of Victoria's wars and the acclaimed novella Doctor watson's War. A military historian by training, he was decorated four times as an infantry officer and then was the defence correspondent for BBC Radio 4's Today Programme before being elected as Member of Parliament for Newark in 2001.

Patrick Mercer's books have received widespread acclaim.

'A finely-drawn depiction of battle and the camaraderie of war' wrote the Daily Mail of 'To Do and Die.

'A tremendous achievement by a storyteller who knows the humour, the fear and the frenzy of men in battle,' said Bernard Cornwell of 'To Do and Die'.

Endeavour Press is the UK's leading independent digital publisher.

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This book is on a free promotion from 27 April - 1 May.
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