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First and foremost, Welcome. 
Second, someone will have the answers. 
I looked at my Kindle, held it up and looked at the side, and my button looks like yours.  When I ran my finger over the top the alignment is fine. 
As for the after image.  I couldn't really see it on the pic you posted.  Could just be me.  I often have an image that stays on mine for a  little while, especially after it's been in sleep mode.  But it fades after a while.  It's never been anything like a burn like others have talked about on the boards.  Just a faint image for a short time.  My solution has been to try not to let it go to sleep mode. 

I'll say it.  Calm down.  If they are serious issues, Amazon seems to be very helpful from what I've heard on here. 
Stick around here a while.  The people are friendly and helpful.
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