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Afterimage and misaligned left-hand "Next Page" button?

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Hi there, fellow Kindle fans! :D

I was fortunate enough to be given a Kindle for Christmas, and I'm absolutely in love. The only problem? I'm worried that my new baby may be defective... or, more accurately, may become defective in the future.

There are two issues about which I'm concerned: my Kindle screen seems to display an afterimage, even when the device is turned off; and my left-hand "Next Page" button appears to be out of alignment. I'm including large photos of both (possible) problems so Kindle users more knowledgeable than I am can tell me if this is something to get my knickers in a twist about or not. (Please excuse the ever-present dog hair... how embarrassing!)


This is the Kindle when it's powered down. If you look at the top of the screen, you ought to be able to see the dark bar and maybe even make out "Jessica's Kindle" on the left-hand side; my Kindle was on the Home page when I turned it off. Is this faint afterimage normal? My mom reports that she can see the same thing with her Kindle, but I wanted to make sure this wasn't a screen malfunction, especially if it has the potential to worsen.

Misaligned left-hand "Next Page" button:

You can see how the left-hand "Next Page" button doesn't line up with the "Prev Page" button above it -- it looks as though the top of the "Next Page" button is permanently depressed. I don't use this button often, preferring the right-hand one, but it seems to work fine; I just want to make sure it stays that way! I wrote to Amazon about this issue last night and received the following response:

Hello from

Thanks for writing to us about the "Next Page" button.

Your Kindle is covered by a limited one-year parts and labor warranty. If the "Next Page" button of your Kindle proves to be a problem in the future, wee will replace your Kindle free of charge. If you experience a performance issue with the device in the future, please contact us for hardware support by calling one of the numbers below:

Inside the United States: 1-866-321-8851
Outside the United States: 1-206-266-0927

If we determine that your device needs to be replaced, we'll send you a new or reconditioned unit at our discretion and provide you with shipping information to return the malfunctioning unit.

More information about the warranty for your Kindle can be found in the paper insert that came with your Kindle, the Kindle User's Guide or on our Help pages at this URL:

I hope you found this information useful. Our goal is to help you get the most out of your Kindle experience.

Thank you for choosing Kindle.

Please let us know if this e-mail resolved your question:

If yes, click here:
If not, click here:

Please note: this e-mail was sent from an address that cannot accept incoming e-mail.

To contact us about an unrelated issue, please visit the Help section of our web site.

Best regards,

Stu -- Earth's Most Customer Centric Company
I clicked "yes" -- confirming that the email did resolve my question -- but, in retrospect, it really didn't. While I appreciate learning more about the replacement policy, what I wanted to know was if the crooked "Next Page" button was something that was going to prove defective later on down the line. I know that Amazon's Customer Service reps aren't psychic, but I was hoping that others' experiences would better inform me as to whether this is something that I should keep an eye on. I feel silly for being so paranoid, but I love my Kindle and I don't want it to stop working!

I'd be most grateful for any words of wisdom (even if they're just "Calm down!"). :)

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jesspark said:
I'm still scratching my head over why some people report ghosting/an afterimage when their Kindle is turned off and others don't, but... I guess I'll take Amazon's word that it's nothing to worry about! That's a relief. :)
I think it's usually so light that some people just don't notice it. I hear that can happen when you get old... ::)
luvmy4brats said:
And a skin..have you seen the skins?
You should also check out the purses that hold your Kindle....J'Tote, Kathy Van Zeeland, etc....LOL ;)
Neversleepsawink;) said:
You should also check out the purses that hold your Kindle....J'Tote, Kathy Van Zeeland, etc....LOL ;)
Vera Bradley... ;)
I had an image that would not go away even if I turned Kindleabra off.  I charged it fully and it was fine.  Has only happened once.
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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