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All For A Good Cause (a romantic comedy), by Barbara Phinney

"A delightful read! Only someone like Phinney could come up with lentils and Mylanta and make you laugh outloud. Janet Jemseg (the heroine) is trying to help raise money at a weekend fundraiser so a boy can get the medical care he needs. After her last cheating boyfriend, Janet is sour on men and not interested in the charming hero, Devin Kidder. So, when Devin suggests a pretend wedding to him, Janet is stunned for obvious reasons. Toss in the classic meddling sister, mother and grandma and you have a riot of fun chaos. A great, entertaining read I highly recommend!" -- Amazon reviewer
With the 'fun' put back in fundraiser and relatives firmly entrenched where they think they should be (in her personal life), Janet Jemseg struggles to stay sane at a local charity function. And it becomes all the harder when hunky philanthropist, Devin Kidder, suggests the unthinkable -- a wedding. To him.

Her quiet summer just went south. But it's all for a good cause, they say.

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Barbara Phinney retired from the military to raise her two children and soon turned her creativity toward writing. That's when she asked herself, what was the hardest genre to write? Romance. Nearly twenty years later, she's published in that genre, going on to final in several contests and take the plunge into the self-publishing pool, with Deadly Trust, set in the shadow of the bridge to Prince Edward Island, on the warm beaches that inspire her. Barbara lives in Eastern Canada with her husband, several barn cats and some chickens. Her own brood has flown the coop. She also writes sci-fi romances under the name of Georgina Lee.

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