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Almost there. Finally! Some free time awaits!

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As you may or may not have heard, I've been at work with Gadsby--that 1939 Ernest Vincent Wright novel without an "e"--for a good deal of weeks now. From waiting on (and receiving) the original Wetzel edition, to scanning all 267 pages, to bringing it to the Internet Archive's attention (and uploading it there), to proofreading it at Wikisource, and to taking care of completing the essay revision's been one crazy ride. So much so that it's been threatening progress on Marigot Magic, my other big literature project these days.

And tomorrow morning, you'll be seeing revision #2 of the Constitution reprint at long last. After months of the usual setbacks!

Well, thank goodness it's over. And you know what that means?

I finally have time on my hands for that Marigot Magic project, hands down!

All that time I spent on Gadsby, and another two scans, ate up a lot of my time recently. That said, I'll sit back, relax, and take a breather before I can revise Skipping Fifth again--and add in another E.V. Wright work to my Constitution catalogue.

The day after tomorrow's relaunch, development on a Marigot story treatment awaits--along with a host of revamps in the character name/development department, not to mention my return to the Dixwell Dossier and a bit of dabbling around with Lojban. (That's a constructed language I'll use for the first translation of my work.) This is what I won NaNoWriMo with last year, and I will not let it slip away. As long as my job hunt doesn't interfere...

Well...time to refine the Amazon description a little further. (I've already gotten in a draft of tomorrow's relaunch ad for the Bazaar.) So as Sirius and Luna float on, it's a happy "Good night" from this Gadsby guru. co'o .ui (Bye!)
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In a few hours, I'm uploading the new version. Resting right now; back in a few hours.
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