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amazon auto-rip (no, not a rip-off)

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amazon is trying to help us with our music....  any music purchased from amazon that has their new "auto-rip" function is now also stored in your cloud.  i'm not talking about mp3's, but CDs that you've bought can now be accessed in your cloud player.  note:  not all music is enabled for this, and sometimes only certain songs on CDs are available.  what's very odd is that some stuff i bought a LONG time ago is now showing in my cloud.  due to high volume, stuff is showing slowly, so i'm still waiting to see exactly how much music i suddenly have in my cloud.
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I just got an email about this. They showed me 4 CD's I bought a long time ago (8-9 years) from Amazon and that they added the songs to my cloud. Without me having to rip it and upload. Pretty cool.  ;D

But I did do a double take as I bought those so long ago. I swear, a couple of them I totally forgot I ever bought.  :D

Aging brain, no fun.
i saw something in my cloud and went "really, i bought that?"  sigh....

i wonder what's gonna happen when stuff i bought as gifts shows up...
Yeah. . .pretty much anything you bought FROM them since they started selling CD's. . .which was around 1998.

I just checked and I now have 700+ songs. . . .makes me glad I didn't 're-buy' anything in mp3 when I got the Fire. ::)  Of course, some are things I actually bought and gave to someone else, but that's o.k. too. :D
It's freaky! They sent me an email with all 7 CDs I bought from Amazon back in the day. (Of course, I had already ripped them years ago, and then uploaded them to Cloud Player when I started using it.) Still a cool feature, though.
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