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Amazon Book Rankings v2.5 Available now!

New features in 2.5 -
**Added an Author column - allowing organizing by authors if users wish to do so.
**Quick Access - ABR now features three different quick access points. First, if you double click the title cell, it will take you to that books amazon homepage. Second, if you double click the reviews cell it will take you directly to the reviews page for that book. Thirdly, If you double click the Author cell ABR will preform an Amazon author search and display the results.
**Added an option for almost everything in ABR -
--Users now have the option to Turn ON or OFF the highlighting of UP and DOWN ranks.
--Users now have an option for Auto-Update, ranging from 10 minutes to 1 hour.
--Users now have an option to turn off the warning box that shows up when you hit "Update All".
--If ABR is in the system tray during an update-all, the user now has an option to show the title of the book currently being updated in a balloon by the icon. This allows for a more visual representation of an update.
--Users now have an option to turn off the (Paid) or (Free) next to the rank. Changes take effect on the next list update.
**Progress Bar - If ABR is not in the system tray during a full update, the user is now greeted with a progress bar that will help visualize the update process.
**Row Selection - Row selection now follows the mouse cursor, freeing the user from the "click" and then "right-click" to get the menu for that particular book.
**Added Notes - Notes allows users to type notes about a particular book and have it available to them at anytime. There is no "Save Note", since the note saves as you type. In order to read the note, simply hover over the books row.
**Simple ISBN/ASIN Entry - ABR no longer requires the user to use two different forms to input the ASIN/ISBN, this is all sorted internally.
**Title Lookup - Users can now let ABR get the title of the book for them. By leaving in the Title text box, ABR will assume the user wants it to get the title for them.

Changes from 2.1.3 to 2.5 -
**Major user interface overhaul - ABR has gotten a face lift, it now features a slick single form design with quick access to the menu by right clicking a cell. There are no longer any buttons packed with ABR except the Add Book and Login Button on the My Reports form. The menu for every function in ABR is a click away, right on a menu.
**Extensive code cleaning - I had noticed alot of flaws in 2.0 that needed to be fixed, including handling books with NO rank, books with NO reviews and [Mass Market Paperback]. With this new information available and with the help of Red Adept. I have fixed almost every issue that has come across my email. ABR has gotten an extensive code cleaning and even in some parts, a complete re-write.

***Coming in future release -
*History - ABR will be featuring a history viewer, this feature will allow users to go back and look at any books progress throughout the day/month, as well as a monthly rank average.

If you haven't tried ABR yet, I'd encourage you to do so. Afterall, It's FREE!

Full ABR Info:
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