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nelamvr6 said:
Page numbers will never happen.

They are simply impractical when text size is variable. If I'm reading with text size 3 and you're reading with text size 2, my page 100 will be in an entirely different place than your page 100.

But location 100 is the same no matter what text size you use.

You'll really be a lot happier if you just get used to locations.

But apart from that, I agree completely, for me Amazon CS has always been top notch!
I don't know why we cant have both, they have the ability. Anyone that has the Mobipocket Reader software knows when you open a book in the software it has page numbers instead of locations. The Kindle 2 has 3 numbers at the bottom keeping track of your progress (percentage, location, total location); I say Amazon replace the total location number with the page number and those who prefer location will still be satisfy and those who want page numbers will be happy. I see pros and cons for both and I think the reader that implements both will be a step up in the right directions!
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