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I made the mistake of writing Amazon CS instead of calling regarding their shipping my Amazon cover.  It was shipped from Kentucky supposedly heading to Colorado and was scanned on arrival 3 days later in New Jersey.  ???  A couple of days later, it was still in New Jersey, and I wrote Amazon about it. I got an email back from someone who didn't understand what the problem was. (I needed the case to arrive on time to take my K2 on a trip with me.  Finally ended up taking it in a picture mailer, which worked fine.)  She had checked, and it was on schedule to arrive on the estimated day. I should contact them if it didn't.  I received the impression she didn't understand the geography involved. When it didn't arrive as scheduled, I called Amazon and talked to a very nice man who immediately arranged for another cover to be sent since we didn't know if the post office would ever get the one in NJ out to me.  They finally did, BTW, and I sent it back to Amazon, since I had the second one already.

That said, it sounds like someone human did read your letter.  With the volume of mail they get, some of replies have to be boilerplate or they would never get it all answered. 
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