Today's Free App of the Day is NodeBeat
Originally $1.95

This is a music generator. It's kind of cryptic, but fun nonetheless. You place shapes on the screen and their color, shape and relative placement determine the pattern of sounds. My recommendation if you want to play with it is to tap on the gear in the corner of the screen (the corner of the screen depends on how you are holding the device)--it is viewed in portrait by default and will rotate 180 degrees that way. You can change that in Settings within the menu accessed by tapping on the gear. Deselecting portrait puts it in landscape mode--which is only viewable in one orientation. To resume portrait, check the box by "landscape mode" and it will change to portrait mode. Within the menu system, head first for the "More" option. Pick info to read the rudimentary help. Node lets you set whether nodes and generators (shapes with pluses in them) move and whether gravity comes into play. Also the speed and proximity to each other. I also recommend that you go to More and recall various existing layouts. It will give you a feel for how the nodes/shapes work in relation to each other. Kinda fun. I don't see me messing with it for long periods of time, but the fact that you can save and share your creations is kinda cool!

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Have fun!

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