Today's Free App of the Day is The Inner World - The Puzzle
Originally $1.99

This is a quite intriguing and quirky puzzle game. You are exploring a world, one level at a time, one puzzle piece at a time. From the main menu, you can play, set options for sound, look at the credits, or click on a link that takes you to web pages about the game including a YouTube video (FWBl12QyUxE). Clicking on Play, you'lll see the main levels. I recommend tapping on the two Demo modes and playing them, as they demonstrate two different kinds of game play. In one of them, you have to drag the playing piece and match it up to the starting piece. You can select the pieces given in any order. The other mode, you only have to tap the piece you want to play, but the game determines which piece has to be placed next. I found this more difficult. In both modes, you earn points for solving quickly and can earn up to three stars per level, so there is a replay value. From the main level screen, you can tap on any available level (some will be locked initially) and select an available sublevel to play. In the games where you fill the designated spot next, too many wrong moves/and or time will cause you to lose the game. You can replay. Levels that have been won can be replayed in either mode (pick the piece of fill the spot). There is a little chiming noise that is heard when you play a piece in some modes. That is an audible cue to how many stars you've earned for that piece--1,2 or 3 stars based on time. If it annoys you, you can turn it off from the main menu. Playable in either landscape orientation. Exits cleanly using the exit button (door) and plays in airplane mode. I give this game five stars, though I can see I'm going to have a challenge earning all three stars on all levels.

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Have fun!

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