Today's Free App of the Day is Whip Swing!
Originally $0.99

This is a cute and simple platformer. I like it much better than the average review would indicate. From the reviews, it's not for everyone, but I liked it. You try to use your whip, Indiana Jones-style, to swing from branches along the top of the screen. The goal is to go as far as possible before missing, with a secondary goal to gain as much speed as possible. Both distance and speed are tracked. I think it's a great time waster while standing in line or on a phone call. There's a bit of cartoon gore when you miss and your character falls onto the spikes at the bottom of the screen. Plays in only one landscape mode; plays in airplane mode, though achievements and leaderboards aren't available when you do. It will remember your last high score. Quit by using the side menu "back" button until you are asked if you are sure you want to quit. Quits cleanly at that point. I say it's worth a try--it's free. If you don't like it, you can remove it from your account.

8 of 19 reviews are four stars and above.

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Have fun!

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