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Amazon on Safari

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Hello everybody

After research I found out that the Kindle app on Apple is only working with the Kindle books on Amazon via Safari.
But the issue is you are only able to download still samples from the books also on Amazon (Safari).
So far I understand, this is the only place where it should work like everybody claims.

I am sure that the amazon runs on Safari and not an app of Apple, otherwise the reason is obvious.

Am I doing something wrong?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.
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Not an apple person but: probably a year or more ago, it became no longer possible to buy kindle books via the Kindle app for Android. It's my understanding that you hadn't been able to via the Kindle app for iThings for some time. Google and Apple want you to buy via their own stores. You can navigate to the Amazon site via a browser and should be able to buy kindle books that way. You can also buy via a full computer or via a kindle or Fire device.

You can borrow from Kindle Unlimited through the Kindle app for Android.

None of this should affect your ability to download books you already own, or have borrowed, to the Kindle app and read them on an Android or iThing device, assuming you have downloaded and installed it from the relevant store. (It's a free app on both platforms I believe.)

But things could be different if you're not in the US.
Yes, I know the only option to buy Kindle books on an Ipad is via Safari. So I did that, but still only able to download samples.
This is the only way to let it work, this should work.
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.
I sometimes use the Kindle app on an iPad to read books I have previously purchased. I have no problems downloading full books from my library with the app.
Can you include some screen shots so we can better see what you are doing?
It was the country Belgium that caused the issue. On .fr and .com, it works.
Thank you for the help!
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