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Amazon releases ANOTHER new free game!

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Look what Amazon just released yesterday...another free game!

This one is a real thinking game -- kind of like Sudoku, but with pictures. For clues, the games only reveals how many pixels appear adjacent to each other -- in each row and column. Studying the board, you deduce where those pixels clusters must appear on the grid, and as you fill them in, an actual picture starts to appear!
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I'll have to check this out!  I don't remember seeing this on there.  Thanks!
you have to recheck well because is an free game, i already tried it!
just go back to his link, there is a total of 3 free games which are very interesting.
Just wanted to update everyone, i am totally addicted to this game! :)
silvia_2 said:'re not the only one addicted. I'm too ;))
haha so I looked into this and it is great!
unitbit said:
haha so I looked into this and it is great!
It is fun to see everyone loving this game!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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