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I'm not wild about the idea - but it's out of my hands.  This will be for the companies with millions to spend to fight over.  You can bet that the big publishers (and music companies, and film studios, and games developers) won't want even tiny steps being taken down this particular road.

If it's a case of transferring the ownership on the Amazon cloud from one customer to another - it's not so bad, especially with a limit on the number of transfers.  

If they let people randomly upload content and claim that it's the only copy they're selling - then heck no!  I think Amazon would be wary of doing it that way though, because there's a risk that they could be held liable & get fined or shut down for selling pirated content unless they could show that they'd done everything possible to ensure that only legitimate copies were sold.

I'm also not going to get too up in the air about this until I hear the terms that it would happen under (if it ever makes it past the courts.)  There's a chance (even if it's a small one) that they would make some sort of payment to the original author to sweeten the deal.
1 - 1 of 55 Posts
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