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MJAWare said:
I was checking out a new review and I noticed a recent quote added to my book:

My cat's name is Yoyo? And two other reviewers made similar statements, seriously?

One of my other books has a quote that says something like, this book is boring--but I can't find any other comments that use the word boring. Still, it's possible I just can't find them.

However, I am 100% sure it's statistically impossible that two other reviewers have cats named Yoyo, let alone mention it in the review!!!
I left a review recently (for a product, not a book) and all I wanted to do was leave a star rating with no comment. But, it wouldn't let me. And, that was annoying. I suspect your "my cat is yo-yo" reviewer was wanting to give you the stars but was feeling put out at being forced to write a comment. But... I definitely hear you about the whole algorithm thing and the two supposedly similar comments.
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