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On one hand it is easy to decide if an Amazon ad is working. Sales vs spend. However it can get more complicated. Let me share and example.

I have a nine book series. I have done an automatic campaign (Actually done all sorts but keeping it easy).

Looking at the metrics the spend is 57.40, sales 14.95. That is a loss, but wait, it is a series with 90% read through, tested over many months. Profit at that rate is 18.40 for one sale or 500 pages read. So doing the math I'm getting $276.00 per sale according to my math. Clearly a win. Am I crazy for thinking that way? Since I have started this ad rankings have increased a lot  from low 100,000's to low 40,000s.

There is also an intangible here, there are 149,546 impressions as of today. Without any evidence I think that number may have a power of its own. See an ad enough times and you might not click on it, but hunt up the for sale page on Amazon itself.

Ed Nelson

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