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An editor recommendation

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Author Gwen Hayes has just opened "Fresh Eyes Critique."

Gwen is both traditionally-published and self-published, and has long been a beta reader for me, and occasional critique partner. She's not offering copy editing, but rather content/substantive editing.

Editing Services and Fees

A Fresh Eyes Critique is a broad, substantive/content edit, much like the work you would do with a Senior Editor in a traditional or small publishing house. I am happy to provide this service not only to full manuscripts (any length) but also partials you are polishing for contests or agent/editor queries as well.

While awkward sentences and obvious grammar issues are highlighted, it is not a copy edit. Copy Edits and Content Edits are two different skill sets and are most often done by two different editors. You will want both kinds of editing done on your manuscript prior to publication. At this time, Fresh Eyes does not offer copy editing.

Points covered:
Characterization, including character arcs
Plot holes, inconsistencies
Repetitive word choices, overuse of cliches, Point of View slips, dialogue issues, and generally things that make you go "hmmm"
Overall, big picture issues and some of the nit-picky ones too.
Scene structure, romantic and story tension
Any questions I feel are left unanswered
Writing technique, voice appropriate for genre
Honest, straightforward assessment if the story is ready to go on
Any concerns you highlight prior to edits. For instance, you may want me to read for something specific, such as, "I've been told my love scenes are too technical."
Suggestions for reworking issues found
What is not covered:
Grammar/spelling: Though I will certainly point out things that stick out, this process is content/substantive editing. You will still need a good copy editor and proofreader. Especially if you are self publishing.
Historical accuracy: If your heroine uses scissors before they were invented, I probably won't be the one to catch it.
Hand holding and sugar coating: I'm not mean, I promise. But you will only get honesty from me.
A second pass: Though I will offer a second pass at a lesser price than the first.
Guarantees: I can't promise you sales or an agent.
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Thanks Amanda. I bookmarked it. My family is so tired of me tearing hair, screaming, and throwing things, their offering to help pay for these services.
Check out the testimonial page ;) Gwen helped me out on The Last Single Girl!
Looks like a great service. Bookmarked.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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