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Leslie or someone who could say this succinctly -

I know a couple of people over at the Amazon forums used to get 'aggravated' at Leslie for promoting Kindleboards all the time, but I've noticed a mass explosion of new users due to the K2 being introduced and thought of a good idea.

The signal to noise ratio is very high at the Amazon boards and it was really wonderful when Kindleboards opened and the quality of the discussions went way way up.  We need to get the word out to newbies about the boards methinks.

So -

My idea is for someone who is eloquent and succinct, to post a topic at the Amazon K1 and K2 forums with the heading something like: "Starter guide for Newbies" or some such.  In this post you can mention tips and hints and especially "links of interest" and mention Mobile Read, Gutenberg, Manybooks, but especially the Kindleboards. (kinda couch it in with others) Maybe even a short description next to each link telling the newbies what to expect.

Just a suggestion and feel it would help a lot of new kindle owners.
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