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Al of you guys that have already signed up for author central on the four available platforms - go in to the four platforms and make sure you have claimed all your books. The available platforms are:




For all you newbies, you have to join each site individually - and then claim your books.  On .de and .fr it's easy to work out how to do it after you've done the first two.  If need be, use google translate.

How to claim a pen name on author central - easy -

Go in and claim the book written under the pen name. 

Amazon will ask you to confirm this is your pen name - Yes.

They will then offer up any other titles written under that pen name, claim them

The end, simple.

You are allowed three pen names per author central account.

If you have more, you have to open a new author central account using a new email address.

You can have as many author central accounts as you want.

You cannot have multiple KDP accounts. Don't do it, don't try it. You'll get banned. 

There's a button at the top right hand corner of author central where you can switch between the three pen names. 

Author central is a free, effective tool, which allows readers to find all of your titles easily.

Don't ignore it. 


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Mark E. Cooper said:
When I try to login to jp, it won't let me use my usual login dets. How to I get it to work?
Someone else said they had this problem as well and I have no idea why. I've always logged in with my details and never had a problem.
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