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Download Angel Codes for FREE today on the Top 100 list for Paranormal Urban.

The last book in the 4 book AngelFire Chronicles series, my readers are not disappointed. The story ends with a punch and a satisfying ending. Check out the book here and read more about this conclusion to the AngelFire series.

Set in Manhattan New York, angels and demons are among us in what is dubbed the UnderWorld. Ali Maney is an ordinary girl attending Millennium high in her Junior year. Drawn into the angel-demon war, she soon learns she won't know who to trust.

A series about friendship, loyalty, sacrifice, betrayal and those qualities that makes us human....or angel-demon.

Enjoy this series for free TODAY and Tomorrow.

Buy all 4 books for one low price here (She Speaks to Angels, Dumah's Demons, Falling Angels, Angel Codes):
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