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Anne McCaffrey - Pern series - 10 books -- SOLD

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Yes, I realize this is a Kindle forum :D but I know that some people still buy paper books if a good opportunity comes along, and I have a good deal! I bought Kindle versions of many of Anne McCaffrey's books from the Pern fantasy/science fiction (depending on your point of view
) series, and am looking to sell my paper versions.

Offering only as a set for now, I'd rather not sell as individual books if possible. Asking $1.00 per book plus shipping -- that's 10 books for $10 total plus shipping!

Some books were bought new, some used; all are in readable condition. You get the following (all in paperback):

These 3 I consider "prequels"

Chronicles of Pern: First Fall
Dragons Eye

The first three of these are where it really began, as far as the chronological order when they were written; the rest follow in the timeline, but she wrote some of the prequels before some of the rest, I think (there are also some other "filler" books in amongst these, side stories if you will, that aren't yet available on Kindle)

The White Dragon
Renegades of Pern
All the Weyrs of Pern
The Dolphins of Pern
Skies of Pern

All 10 books for $10 total plus shipping! What a deal. I'll take an Amazon gift card (preferred) or Paypal (no credit card).

DON'T DELAY, RESPOND TODAY! (I gotta get a better shtick...

Thanks for looking! :)

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These are sold and will be on their way shortly to a new home to be read and loved. :)  This thread can be moved to the archives now, Betsy or a global mod/admin!
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