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I spoke quite a bit with this artist (Arco)--he does work for the gaming industry and has a great portfolio over at deviantart especially for the fantasy/horror and sci-fi genres (although there are some good general samples too):

After talking with him back and forth for a while, it turns out that while he hasn't done much cover work, he's more than happy to start:

The website is new, so feel free to send him questions. I found that he answered mine within 24 to 48 hours; very reasonable turn-around for questions.

Here's a shot of the cover he has done:


He has a range of prices and does both photoshopping type work and illustration. Obviously the illustration costs more. I can't say if he's fast or not; I do know he has work already, so as with any artist, you'll want to be thinking ahead and scheduling things wisely.

There's some pretty awesome stuff out there--the guy has talent!!!

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