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Another Hello from Virginia!!

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Hi Everyone!
  I am a new Kindle owner.  My Hubby got the K2 for me as an anniversary gift.  I do believe I'm in love!  ;)  I fell upon this site as I was reading about the BoraBella bags.  I hope to become a regular poster here!  :)
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Welcome to the Boards.  What a great gift.  My mom's husband is giving her one for thier anniversary this week.  I bought it for him a few weeks ago, and it's been so hard to keep the secret. 
You'll find lots of accessories for your K2, and plenty of book recommendations as well.
Welcome to KB!
Greetings and Welcome, krodrigues! Be sure and check out The Book Corner for lots of info on good, cheap or even free reading material. If you have any questions about the Kindle, ask away. Someone here probably know the answer or where to find it. Glad you found us!
Welcome!  :) We hope you become a regular poster too!
Welcome to KindleBoards.
We hope you enjoy your new Kindle and your accessories.
If you need more drop by the accessories threads and meet our friendly enablers.
And tell your acquaintances to join us too.
There is plenty of room in the pool for all.
Especially since we cleaned up the debris from the party - all that confetti and spent sparklers and margarita glasses took up room.
Welcome to the board!!
klrodrigues said:
Hi Everyone!
I am a new Kindle owner. My Hubby got the K2 for me as an anniversary gift. I do believe I'm in love! ;) I fell upon this site as I was reading about the BoraBella bags. I hope to become a regular poster here! :)
Where in Va do you live? I am from Va (the Eastern shore).....currently living in El Paso, TX.........but trying to get back to VA!
My husband is trying to get a transfer to the No. Va/ DC area. Keep your fingers crossed for us............I'll always be a Virginia girl at heart!!!!!!
I think there are quite a few "Kindlers" in Virginia!!! ;D
Welcome,klrodrigues, from one of the other VA residents on the Kindleboards.  I live in Central VA.

Looking forward to getting to know you through your posts here. 

You might want to hide your credit card before you check out the Accessories board.  Your husband may not have been aware that fashionable Kindles love skins, covers, and bags!
Thanks for making me feel so welcome!  I'm from a Rural County right in the middle of Richmond & Charlottesville   ;)  I believe I am the first to own a Kindle here.

  I love accessories.  Hubby says I am addicted to them.  I have the regular Amazon cover & light with a screen protector & a skin from 3acp.. I am a bit addicted to accessories..   Now to figure out how to tell him I need an Oberon cover.   LOL   I do like the regular amazon cover because of that hindge & it is so easy to fold back.  I worry about that on the Oberon.. then again I was looking at the Blog & noticed where someone redesigned there Amazon cover.. I am really liking that idea bit I am not very crafty....
Hi klrodrigues - nice to have you here - but you really need to watch out for the enablers  :p
Hello klrodrigues and welcome! Hope to see you around the boards.
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