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According to one of my early readers' review

"Kissing Frogs,Tall Tales & Insights from the Dating Pond, is an insightful and amusing account of dating in the 21st century. This book presents the pitfalls and results of the modern dating scene. While reading this book one will reflect upon the many diverse and creative approaches employed to gain attention of the opposite sex. Kris Anderson presents her topic from a women's point of view laced with comical references that one can relate to. Although this book is an easy read and very entertaining, there is a lot of wisdom behind each adventure in the 'Dating Pond'. The names have been changed to protect the innocent but the pond holds many truths which should not be ignored. The book outlines the many approaches to meet your prince in the dating pond plus the pitfalls associated with the experience. The book is a delight to read Kissing Frogs: Tall Tales and Insights from the Dating Pond (Volume 1)which should serve as a guide while transversing the 'Dating Pond'." ~ Roberta Ratcliff

As the author, I intended the book to be an eyeopener to experience healthy dating relationships in the Dating Pond! After all... are we not on a quest for our Prince Charming and not fishing for frogs or toads?

For the next three days (Feb 21,22, and 23) Kissing Frogs is a free download on Amazon's Kindle and remember... you don't have to have a Kindle - Amazon has an amazing array of ereader apps!

Have a friend that could use a copy... make sure to share this message!



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