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Another marketing idea. Book Brunches anyone?

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I'm stealing this one from Debbie Macomber, who is not only a prolific writer, but also a marketing genius. To read Debbie's idea see below, but first read my idea. I want to host Losing Penny parties and every hostess gets these prizes.
Signed copies of my books Stealing Mercy, The Rhyme's Library and Losing Penny
A tote bag
A dessert like Penny, a cooking show diva and weight loss guru, would make (I haven't exactly figured out how to do this yet, but I will.)
Here's the genius part. What if you, fellow writer and friend, hosted a Losing Penny party for me and I hosted a similar whatever your book is called party for you? And what if there were a thousand of us, doing this all over the world, and maybe even in other worlds and in other dimensions? Just think of what we could do…
Right now, I'm doing the Eclectic Book Eggcerpt Eggchange-for more info, visit my blog I won't start this project until April, so anyone interested has some time to think about it.
Here's what Debbie is doing (she makes $22 million a book, so I can't compete)

Get together for brunch as you settle in with one of America's most beloved authors, #1 New York Times bestseller, Debbie Macomber. At your Debbie Macomber Books and Brunch House Party, you'll get a sneak peak of Debbie's new book, Starting Now, as well as read and discuss The Inn at Rose Harbor and get a first look at "Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove", Hallmark Channel's first primetime scripted series premiering this summer!

You'll also be able to make and enjoy some of the treats featured in The Inn at Rose Harbor as well as sample tea compliments of Harney & Sons.

Your exclusive Debbie Macomber Party Pack will contain:
• Signed finished copy of Starting Now for host
• Copies of The Inn at Rose Harbor including an extended excerpt from Starting Now
• DVD with a trailer and a sneak peek scene of "Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove"
• Autographed stickers signed by Debbie Macomber for host's and guests' books
• Salem Baking Company's Moravian Cookies in Ginger Spice and Meyer Lemon
• Bookmarks
• Coasters
• Tote bags for the host and a trivia prize winner
• Sachets of Ambessa whole leaf tea blends from Harney & Sons
• And more!
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I think for certain genres it's a great idea. Romance, especially.
That's a really good idea. I wonder if you could get fans to do it. I sold Discovery Toys back in the day. It sounds like using that method to get the word out. I think book club leaders would jump at it. Hmmm... I have a big release later this year. I wonder if I can get the super fans to have a DAMAGED party? lol.
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