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Another Newbie--young adult fantasy

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I'm a new Kindle author. My book is Something Wicked, a full length young adult fantasy, with magic and a touch of paranormal. I'm working on a second book which has the same characters and a related theme. I also plan on a third book, but each book stands on its own. I love to read in many different areas. So far my writing is just in fantasy and science fiction. I've recently started a blog where I talk about Books, Writing, and More.

I'm also a new Kindle owner. I received my Kindle for Mother's Day and am enjoying it.

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Hi, Sue, and welcome to KB.  Wishing you every success with your book.  Love the title, love the cover.

Dan --
Hi Sue!  Welcome to the Kindle boards and good luck with your writing!
Welcome to the KB and congratulations on your Kindle.

Good Luck with your book.
Thanks so much for your warm welcome and support. 
Welcome to KB!

Good luck with your book!  :)
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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