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Another Post to Lighten the Day

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I work a lot at a coffee shop. For some reason, the designers decided to skimp on the electrical outlets as well as the amount of tables and chairs.

On any given day, everything is taken up in an hour.

When a table and outlet open up, quick, grab them or else you'll be sitting there for another hour watching your computer battery die, die, die.

It leads to some rather interesting fixes. I'm still waiting for someone to bring an industrial sized extension chord so everybody can share the outlets but still, nobody has done that.

One of my favorite fixes which I will never be able to use myself is the little no-man's land of counter. It is about two feet wide. To the right is where the workers hand drinks out and then it continues on into the coffee makers and the order area.

But this little spot of empty space, where there is really nothing but counter will be snapped up as well.

The problem is that when a person sits down and puts their laptop on it, the computer perches about nipple high.

It's like each adult that sits there is suddenly transformed into a toddler again. They have to raise their hands to shoulder height to start working.

All the while, each coffee and frozen drink that is handed out precariously sits on a ledge. It threatens to fall right on to the laptop.

Somebody just sat there. Workers that have to fill up a cup of water get to stare into the top of the head of the customer.

Now that I wrote this, I suppose it isn't that funny, but it gave me a chuckle so I thought I would share.

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horse_girl said:
It reads almost like a flash fiction piece. I feel sorry for the person who sits there.
Well, that was unintentional but I will take it as a compliment! lol. I hope that is ok.

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