It was an idea sparked by Hugh Howey almost one year ago: what would it look like if dozens of KBoards authors came together in an anthology of flash fiction?

(Flash fiction is a term used for very short stories.)

And now, the anthology is available! "Stories on the Go: 101 Very Short Stories by 101 Authors" has already hit the Top 100 Free list on Amazon.

Each story is no more 1,000 words. The anthology is a showcase of indie writing, and covers a wide variety of genres. It's perfect for those times when all you want is a five minute read! And you just might discover a new favorite author or two.

A tip of the hat to Hugh for the idea, Andrew Ashling for editing and organizing, Scarlet Rugers for the cover, Selina Fenech for paying for the cover, and to all the authors who contributed. Get your free copy today!