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So you have a novel that's going to curdle some blood, widen eyes, and terrify people? Are you still looking for the perfect cover design?

Donate $30 or more to Save The Children today and you could win a free ebook cover. Just send a screenshot of the confirmation page, circling your donation amount, to me at jctreeson @ gmail. A name will be randomly chosen (through a randomization generator) and that person will receive a free ebook cover designed by me.

You will receive the satisfaction of a job well done and a great cover for your new novel.


The winner will be picked and announced in this thread on February 14th!

Sending a screenshot:

Press the PrntScrn key on the keyboard when you're at the confirmation page. Open Paint or a similar program and press CTRL + V to paste in your screenshot. Then you can circle the dollar amount. Just save and send to me as an attachment!

You're done. You just entered to win a free ebook cover!
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