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anti-virus program

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little confused...
do i need a anti-virus program installed on my kindle fire?
i do a lot of surfing on the web with my new toy.
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I had a total melt down today freaking out about this , I also surf a lot on it, anyway downloaded the avast security app from the Amazon store and can now sleep easy has anti virus, malweb scanner and even an anti theft device thingy , it runs fine and takes up little memory on your device , so I'd recommend it. there was an article posted in my question below from experts who recommended it.
hope that helps .
You probably don't NEED it -- unless you are likely to load a lot of apps from sketchy web sites.  If you stick to Amazon you're probably fine.  BUT, there are a/v aps available and they certainly won't hurt and, if it makes you more comfortable, go for it. 
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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