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Anxiously awaiting my Kindle!

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After 2 weeks of research ( much on this board - thanks! ) I ordered my Kindle 2, which shipped yesterday. Initially I was going to purchase a used K1 but friends talked me into going for the new one. I am a little worried about the contrast issues, but hopefully I will be one of the lucky ones that don't have an issue with that.

Also have ordered the Roof of Heaven Oberon cover.

Already have 10 books waiting! So glad to find this board to get such great information.
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Greetings and Welcome, Laura! I hope you will enjoy your Kindle as much as we do ours. What color did you go for on the RoH Oberon cover? I love the look of the Saddle, its my next purchase.
Welcome. This board is very helpful. They are great enablers as well. ;D
Welcome Laura and congrats on becoming a Kindle owner!  :) Books and an Oberon cover waiting, you will fit in well here.  ;)
Thanks for the welcome! My Oberon cover is in the purple.
You will love your Oberon, the craftsmanship is breathtaking. They are so beautiful!
laura99 said:
Thanks for the welcome! My Oberon cover is in the purple.
They are both gorgeous!
Welcome, Laura!  Congratulations on your pending Kindle 2, I'm sure you'll love it!

Sounds like you've found the Accessories board already, LOL!

Welcome Laura! Congratulations on your K2 and Oberon purchases. We look forward to getting to know you.
Welcome to the board Laura. Stick around and enjoy the site!  :)
Welcome Laura!!  I know that you will love you Kindle as much as we all love ours....can't wait to hear your thoughts once it gets home...
Hi Laura - Your kindle will be there before you know it!  Congratulations on joining the greatest group of readers! 
Hi Laura! I have been away from KB for a bit and am sure you have received your Kindle and have really been enjoying it. Welcome to the Boards!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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