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Hello all,

Self-publishing via the Amazon Kindle Digital Text Platform and Print On Demand have created more opportunities for writers to meet readers than did Gutenberg. Contrary to popular opinion, self-publishing is not new. Some notable self-published authors are William Shakespeare, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine and, of course, Mark Twain. Currently I know of one NYT best seller that was written by a self-published author; there may be others.

If you have a story, a 'how-to article', a novel or any other written work you’d like to share with the world, now may be the time. There are at least 5 authors, one publisher and several hundred discriminating readers on this board so between us all we should be able to help you get published.

Feel free to talk to me via PM, email or Google chat. I'm not the expert that Leslie is, but I've been down the road and know where a few of the bumps are hiding.

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