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Any Canadians going direct to iTunes with Mac-in-Cloud?

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Apple is my biggest market via Smashwords and would love to try to go direct with them. Unfortunately, I am a lowly non-US citizen who also, sinfully, does not own an apple device.

Any fellow Canuckleheads here managed to do it? Maybe not just with Macincloud, but another way? I have a US based bank account, but no US based address (which I believe was a requirement for setting up an account with Apple a year or so ago.)

I know Draft2Digital offers access, but would really like to go direct on my own if possible.

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I'm Canadian and can go direct to Apple. BUT, I also own a Mac which I believe is a must for their iTunes Producer thingy.
The US based address is not a requirement for Apple, that's a Barnes & Noble requirement.

I have an RBC US bank account with my Canadian address, but I have a MacBook Pro.  I've been direct with them for about 5 months.
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