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My computer seemed to be running slower than usual yesterday so I decided to do a complete reboot to clear out the memory,  That usually works.  At the same time I also reboot my DSL modem.

This time when my computer was coming back on, I got several beeps in a pattern I've never heard before.  Then a message popped up saying my CPU fan was stopped or spinning too slowly.  (!!!)  I shut it all down.  I was worried my CPU might fry without proper cooling.

This morning, I popped off the cover to have a look see.  Before I fired it up, I checked the fan.  It spun freely with no no ticable resistance. 

Just like last time, I got the same errors.  Looking right at the fan, it appears to be running just fine.  There is no unusual noise and everything looks smooth.

My theory about it is this.  The fan speed is variable and is determined by the heat of the CPU.  The hotter the CPU gets, the faster the fan spins.  My CPU is relatively cool right now because my computer is close to an exterior wall that is cold.  Therefor my over all CPU core temp is cooler than usual causing a fan speed lower than normal and setting off the alarm.


I need to get a new CPU fan stat!

Any repair guy opens up in 30 min or so.

Well I talked to the Doc...he recommends a visit.  I'll be off line for a bit.  If I dont get my 'puter back before Thanksgiving, I'll talk to you all from work.

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The error message is based upon RPM’s that are unexpected. You can’t tell by looking.

First, unplug your computer and try vacuuming the dust out of the fan.  (If you happen to have some canned air, it works better than a vacuum.)

I have to log off for a while but if you send me a PM I'll get an email to alert me that you need more help and I’ll come back.

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Turns out I read the failure warning wrong. It was my Chip set fan that was bad.  The guy fiddles with it blew it out and it is working OK for now. My board has a chip set fan instead of a heat sink wee

ON the way home, I bought some canned air.  I am ready to blow out some dust now.  He said I should do it once a month.

While I was there, I did a Kindle demo.  He was impressed.  All this demoing with the whispernet enabled and music playing is sucking my battery down kind of fast.

It'll get to about 50% in an hour or 2.  Other than that everything is just dandy.

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Yep, I meant blew the dust out.  He said most /puters don't have a chip set fan like mine.  Leave it to me to be unique.
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