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Any ideas on how to promote a "win a book" competition?

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Morning all,

I'm running a competition on my blog to win an e-book but no-one's entering! The comp is here. Now I know I'm limiting myself to people only entering if they're already read something of mine, because I'm asking them to write a review of what they've read and then the entrant with the best (written, not most glowing) review will win another book of their choice. But even so, no-one's entering, so my cunning (perhaps not) plan to generate more reviews of my work is not panning out.

Obviously I've blogged about the comp, and tweeted it many times. Anyone else run any comps from their own website/blog and if so, how did you promote them?

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I ran a free giveaway (it was books and a 50 dollar amazon gift card to try and entice more people) through rafflecopter with sorta the same idea as you, only reviews weren't the only way to enter. They could earn one point by liking my fb page, 1 point for tweeting, 3 for adding the book to goodreads and 10 for writing a review of one of the 2 short stories out (and the short stories were both free when it started). I only had one person enter via the review option and they didn't even really write a review so sorry i've got no help for you, but wish I did :(

If you add other options to enter i'm sure you'll get more entrants, just not more reviews like you were hoping for. I had a bunch of people enter via the other methods.
Join Goodreads as an author.  Once you have an author page you can do things like book (printed) give-aways, etc.
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