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libro said:
Great ideas and wonderful video, but alas, I still don't think I'll have the Kindle under my tree. There are no signs at all from my Santa. He did send me the CNN article (Leslie!) today via e-mail, for whatever reason I don't know, because I have every reason to believe he's taken no action to purchase a Kindle at all. After reading the CNN article, he may just think they're "sold out" and not have pursued it further; after all, he was always big on talking up the prospect of Kindle 2.0.

I need to get more aggressive, nicely, of course. ;)
Counter the CNN article with the one from MSNBC which makes no mention of Kindle version 2. Of the two, I think the MSNBC one was more informative and better written. Also more timely.

1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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