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Anyone else experiencing very strange buys/returns so far this month in the UK?

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In the last two days, I have sold 6 books in the UK. 5 have been returned for a grand total of 1 sale. I have never had this happen (generally, my returns stick around 3% or so for the UK), but these books are in the same series. It looks like one reader bought all 5 and then returned them maybe? Anyone else having a weird UK month, though?

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It's likely that one reader bought multiple books from you and then returned them when they were finished. My UK returns are always very low compared to US returns. I also sell more there than I do in the US.

It sucks that they returned so many books, but if they keep it up, Amazon will eventually take care of them. That's at least somewhat comforting when it comes to people like that.
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