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Anyone else having this trouble with SW reporting?

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Two days ago, I emailed Smashwords because they'd reported 3 downloads on one of my books, but no change in earnings. When I looked at the graphs, nothing showed, either in paid downloads or sample downloads. According to the graphs, too, no one had looked at either of my books for the past 5 days.

I've had no reply (no surprise) and today the graphs are showing no looks or downloads EVER. Has anyone else got that?
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Yep, it's been like this for me since around the 9th. Like you, I emailed smashwords (with 2 questions, actually) and someone replied about one, but didn't give me an explanation about the reporting.

It's getting ridiculous now, especially as no one has deemed it necessary to explain, via blog or site update. The sales are still coming in, which is the most important thing, I suppose, but it's annoying all the same, not being able to see how many people are looking.
I had the same problem with my page views disappearing on the 9th. The response from Smashwords was that it was a glitch and would be sorted by the end of the week. Today my downloads have flatlined too. I'm hoping that means that they're working on it!
My pageviews and downloads disappeared too, but I couldn't care less. It's number of sales that matters, not downloads. Pageviews are useless because they probably show visits from bots or God knows who. My pageviews usually go up like crazy when I post Smashwords link somewhere and I'm sure that so many people didn't click the link. People who bought the book can download it as many times as they want, so that's questionable too. If Smashwords reported you a sale, then you should have earnings changed too. But if number of downloads changed on your dashboard, that doesn't mean you sold something. You mention Smashwords reporting a download, so I'm confused what you mean. Is it a sale or a download?
No, they were only downloads, but I looked to see if they were sample downloads or by people who'd already bought it. Only about half my downloads are actual sales and I haven't sold anything through SW for at least six months. It would be nice to be able to see how many people are actually looking at it though - however few they are.
They are probably samples then. I hope Smashwords will fix it soon, but I don't think you have to worry they aren't reporting your sales correctly.
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